Lay Laberto
Founder, Owner and CEO
13+ years of experience in IT and Telco Industry :
  • Neuralt Technologies Indonesia
  • Syniverse Technologies
  • SS8 Network
  • In Touch Wireless and more.
Audrey Tan
Chief Baker, and Consultant
19 years of experience in bakery industry. Orange Coast Collage in Los Angeles (USA) Alumni, 2 years under pastry chef Jean-Francois Lehuede at the Ritz- Carlton Laguna Niguel.
2 Cookbook author.

Our Philosophy

Established in 2017, Freshly Baked by Origin Bakery was founded as we saw the potential growth in bakery industries in Indonesia through the changes of lifestyle. Though, now it has a very minimal option of healthier breads and most likely are expensive.

Starting off, focusing on serving the specific needs of a vegan-friendly and diabetic-friendly market which has numerous growth over the years in Indonesia. Alongside, with the other healthier option products among changes of health conscious during the pandemic circumstances.

We are the choice of your suitable and healthier choice with a delicate taste, made from natural and high quality ingredients with absolutely tasteful bakery goods. Breaking out / stepping out the thought that consuming healthy foods and lifestyle are sacrificing the pleasure of eating the food itself.

Our "Healthy Bread" concept comes along with a solution to serve the need of your affordable yet convenient "Healthier Choice" bakery with various whole wheat bread with each benefit

We believe that our brand has a purpose beyond providing a healthier choice to the market, but to actually create a healthier generation that is very much aware of their food intake as part of their daily life by forming a habit from an early age.

Laberto Lay

Founder & CEO