We serve flaky and buttery homemade pastries to make your day!

Spread & Hummus

Delicious pairing for your freshly baked bread.

Signature Bread

Our authentic bread brings European flavour to you - You can now satisfy your craving for bread from Europe. Breads are made fresh daily from the best ingredients available. Also available in vegan friendly and diabetic friendly options to maintain a healthier choice.

Sweet & Savoury Buns

Different kinds of sweet & savoury buns with the best ingredients- we are saving the lives and diets of people with high quality bread, which is healthier and tastier.

Cookies & Cake
Satisfy your sweet tooth with yummy tasty Cake and Cookies. Our products are made from the highest quality of ingredients, bake them fresh and do not contain any preservatives. We offer a wide range of delicious treats for you for Birthdays and any special occasions in your life.

Every loaves is made from scratch, carefully hand crafted and baked to order using only the finest ingredients.


Bundling Package

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